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Date Posted:10-01-2020 04:47:49Copy HTML

Mother Of Harlots Latonya Page part 1

note: The Bible has been edited and tampered with so always keep this mind.

Latonya Page was also EVE in past incarnations,  (I Mark Alan King was Adam) .......she was Mary Magdalene (Mary Magdalene who was a satanic witch back then also) she was ISIS and I was Horus ...Latonya Page was Jezebel....she was  Bathsheba....and I was King David....she had a long history of causing humanity much trouble and pain and serving satan lifetime after lifetime....according to Almighty Power Yehowah Y H W H GOD this is her last incarnation as a real human on this earth plane.........she is the current Mother Of Harlots spoke about in the Book Of Revelations and she is pregnant about to give birth...(she is pregnant with her brothers baby who is cia agent Joseph Abdullah who is the human incantation of Lucifer.....Both Latonya and Joseph Abdullah are Negro, I Mark Alan King am negro also so you can see much of the Bible has been whitewashed on purpose)(Joseph Abdullah aka Lucifer tried to kill me {Mark Alan King} and steal my identity)..this lets us know exactly where we are in linear time so to speak if this part of the Book of Revelations is accurate.....WE ARE IN OUR LAST DAYS HUMANITY !!!! As far as I know she is 7 to 9 months pregnant...she has been used by CIA and is MK Ultra mind controlled......The CIA and the USA government and Trump hired Latonya Page "The Mother Of Harlots" to poison me and to get pregnant by me.....EPIC FAIL.....(level four messiah seeds contain one hundred percent primordial chi)(I Have taken a vow of celibacy according to the will of YHWH Yehowah)

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